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The VK1 Award

This award is issued by the Canberra Region Amateur radio Club upon receipt of a correctly presented application to any licensed amateur operator or short wave listener. The certificate displays one of Canberra's most distinctive landmarks, the Telstra Tower, situated on Black Mountain in the heart of Australia's capital city. The tower is depicted in light blue on a white background with award information in black lettering.
The information required is a log extract showing date and time in UTC, mode, callsign of the VK1 station worked and ciphers exchanged. Short wave listeners should include the station worked by the VK1 station being claimed.

Each VK1 callsign worked counts as one point. Each callsign may only be claimed once. The change of status to mobile, portable, etc. is not allowed as a separate valid contact. Contacts via terrestrial repeater systems are not valid contacts towards the award.

Award requirements

HF within VK, excluding VK9 and VK0:

Basic award 20 points
Bronze upgrade 50 points
Silver upgrade 75 points
Gold upgrade 100 points

HF outside VK, includes VK9 and VK0:

Basic award 10 points
Silver upgrade 25 points
Gold upgrade 50 points

VHF and higher frequencies requirements are the same as HF outside Australia for all areas.

Cost of the basic award is $3.00 (Australian). Each upgrade costs $1 (Australian).

Please note that IRC's (International Reply Coupons) will NOT be accepted

Application for the award should be addressed to:

The Award Manager
GPO Box 600
Canberra ACT 2601