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Output FrequencyCallsignLocationCurrent StatusNotes
146.6625VK1RWN CIsaacs RidgeVk1RWN DashboardGateway currently ON LINE

D-Star Resources

Useful Links:

Registration is no longer required for most D-Star repeaters and XLX reflectors however if you need to register to get onto some older systems then you can do so at the D-Star Gateway website.


CRARC does not distribute the programming software for these radios, we only distribute the configuration file assembled to suit our own locality. You will need to purchase your own licensed software either from Icom or RT Systems to use these files.

VK1 D-Star Programming (Using Icom Software and using RT Systems software and Hardware combination)

Icom ModelVK1 D-Star for Dummies (Quick Reference Guide)1.0Program DumpIcom .icf Program FileRT Systems Program File 

Please contact the Committee if you would like us to program your D-Star capable radio.