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How to Join CRARC

-Note: Membership Subscriptions are now $30.00 per year
(Which can be renewed in multiples.-ask for 10 years!)

New Interim On-Line Membership Form

(for Direct Deposit payments only or printing.) Use this Form: CRARC OnLine Membership Form 2014.pdf

In an attempt to span the gap between a paper only Membership form and a completely On-Line system, CRARC would like to introduce a Membership form that is in a “pdf form” format. For familiarity purposes only, the form has been designed to replicate as best we can to retain the look and feel of the old paper only version.

This form allows Direct Deposit payments to be made, and then the form can be completed and emailed directly from your default email address invisibly. (Your sent box has a record of the email)

You can still print the form off and fill in the details and mail the completed form with your subs as you have done before, OR You can pay the Membership subscription by Direct Deposit as per the description on the Membership page, complete the form and then by clicking on either the “Email” or “Submit” buttons, emails the completed form to CRARC. –done until next year!

There are a couple of “gotcha’s” we have discovered.

1. The form appears to be Windows based and as such it has been reported to behave unexpectedly with Apple and Linux based operating systems where layout and fonts are not where they ought to be. The old “paper only form” will remain on our web site for those folk who have these operating systems that might have difficulty with this form.

2. The form is designed to be emailed back to CRARC after it has been completed and only if both the "Paid by Direct Deposit" checkbox and the "Direct Deposit description" are completed.

3. Your signature is not required when emailing as authorisation is accepted as originating from your email address. (just type your full name in the space provided)

4. Please leave the Nomination section blank as it is for our “Office Use Only” now.

Even though this form has had initial testing, there may still be some bugs in it, so please let us know if there is anything that isn’t listed here that should be.

NOTE: You must complete a BSB payment before emailing the form back to us otherwise your Membership renewal will not be identified as being paid!

Hopefully this form will make things easier for you to pay Membership Subscriptions in the interim before a full On-Line system can be established.


Print and complete Paper Membership form

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the above document. If you don't have it installed already, you can download a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader here

and send it to:

Membership Secretary
Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club
GPO Box 600
Canberra, ACT, 2601


Bring it to the next Club Monthly Meeting.


We do accept Direct Deposit with a caveat or two. :P

But we often get deposits and we cannot identify the source so it is really important that you include something simple in the deposit description at the bank like: “vk1aca 2012/2013 subs” or similar. Some banks have less available characters so you may have to get creative.

Direct Deposit Details:
Account Name= Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club Inc. (CRARC will do)
BSB = 082-980 Account# = 515032212

The second thing we will need is a copy of a completed Membership Application form. This at the moment we still really need a hard copy so if you can mail the completed one to us (address is on the form) just after you deposit the subscription (AU$30.00), so that you can put the bank deposit date, bank and description somewhere on the form then we can marry your payment with the form. One day we might be able to manage an on-line form and B-Pay but for the moment this is the best we can do.

Being a member of the Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club assists in supporting the areas repeater network, community events (through WICEN) and maintaining a voice for amateurs in the ACT area as well as access to the QSL Bureau. Please read the contents of the "Services" section for more information on how the club may help you.

Annual membership of the Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club (formerly the Wireless Institute of Australia ACT Division) is now $30.00 a financial year(due on 1st July each year).

Don’t forget, a CRARC Membership Certificate is only $5.00.

The certificate displays one of Canberra's most distinctive landmarks, the Telstra Tower, situated on Black Mountain in the heart of Australia's capital city. The tower is depicted in light blue on a white background with award information in black lettering. They look terrific! -A great addition to your shack wall! See our Merchandise page for details.

We also encourage amateurs to join the WIA. At a National level, membership of the National WIA (Wireless Institute of Australia) helps support the WIA in its role as the peak representative body for the hobby to local, state and federal government agencies. Benefits to the member include a copy of the WIA's Journal, Amateur Radio. In addition to this, the national body is involved in, or responsible for the overall co-ordination of band plans, repeater allocations, intruder watch, education services etc. The WIA is also regularly involved with amateur radio at an international level through the representations to the IARU, attendance at WARC conventions, liaison with peer organisations overseas (ARRL, RSGB etc.).

Please check out the National WIA website at for details on joining the national body.

It is our hope that Amateurs in the Canberra Region would opt to join both CRARC and the WIA.

If you have questions on membership, please contact our Membership Secretary Rob Smith VK2HR,